NRC Weekend Covers the Secrets of Superhero Science

It’s just under 2 and half weeks from the Secrets of Superhero Science symposium at the International Festival of Technology, and I’ve got to say I’m pretty excited about it. The preparations are going well and I’ve spoken to all of the speakers over the last few weeks. I can’t wait to hear what they have to say and hopefully there’ll be a big crowd present on the day to hear about their amazing research and the link with superpower technologies.

In the lead up to the event I’m hoping that there’ll be some media coverage. Over the past weekend the first article about the conference was published in the NRC Weekend on the page “De Kleine Wetenschap”, a page of articles on science for younger readers. The article was written by Karel Berkhout. You can find the article below. However it’s in Dutch so my apologises to those without Dutch.


Cursor Puts Science of Santa Claus in the Spotlight

This year has been a remarkable year. While many will wave goodbye to 2016 with a level of distain and good riddance I’ve got to say from a personal point of view it’s been a good year. Naturally I acknowledge that we have lost many great artists and actors this year while on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean there was an interesting battle for the presidency that ended with a surprising result. But yes this year has been a good year for me in terms of BW Science.

Back in March, the Cursor Magazine/Newspaper put my mug on the cover in recognition of my first book “Secrets of Superhero Science”. The cover image of me in a laboratory in the ICMS building at TU/e was accompanied by a great article within the pages of the Cursor. Naturally I was very happy with their coverage of the book so when I published “Secret Science of Santa Claus” I contacted Judith van Gaal once more about writing an article on my second book.

Although I am officially based at TU Delft I am also a visiting researcher at TU Eindhoven and value my time, continuing collaborations and friends there greatly. I met with Judith earlier this month and we had a great chat about Santa Claus and the amazing science behind his Christmas Eve deliveries.

On the back of that interview Judith wrote a fantastic article for the Cursor which has appeared in the latest version of the magazine/newspaper. And like the first time I’ve made the cover the newspaper! Absolutely delighted to have done so and many thanks to Judith for writing a great article.

Here’s the article to read if you wish. It’s mainly in Dutch but there is some English text in there as well.

As you can see the layout is unique with a Christmas tree made from Christmas decorations. Very cool indeed. If you get a chance have a read of the article.



Secret Science of Santa Claus in the Limerick Leader

Last week the Limerick Leader published an article about my new book “Secret Science of Santa Claus”. The article is now online to read. You can read the article here.


Charming book about Superheroes – de Volkskrant

It seems like an eternity since I spoke on RTE’s Ryan Tubridy show in March of this year, theĀ first media promotion of my book “Secrets of Superhero Science”. Since that interview in March, there have been talks, presentations, workshops, interviews and newspaper articles, and I’ve got to say I’ve enjoyed every minute of it.

One major goal that I had set myself this year was to have an article/review about the book in the national newspapers in the Netherlands. In April, I had three articles about the book published in local and national newspapers in Ireland. However, given that I wrote the book here in the Netherlands, I always felt that it was important to promote the book nationally here. I’m an ex-pat, living in the Netherlands for more than 4 and half years and in that time the Netherlands has been very influential in my professional development. In my opinion, it was important to highlight how the Netherlands had offered encouragement for the pursuit of ideas and eventually turned some of them into reality.

So this morning when I woke up and saw the book review by Martijn van Calmthout in the national newspaper de Volkskrant, I was immensely proud to have achieved one of my major goals. I’m delighted to have received a 4 out 5 star review and also very impressed with the review by Martijn on the book. In the piece, Martijn captures the essence of the book and even describes it as a manual to build superpowers in the future. I like that take on the book and thoroughly agree with his conclusion. Here’s hoping that many people take up roles as superpower creators in the near future. We need as many people as possible building superpowers.

You can read the review (in Dutch) by clicking here.

In terms of presentations and workshops, I now have a little break until next month when I’ll be heading to Ireland for Science Week. I’m very much looking forward to that!