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I'm Barry Fitzgerald - Research Scientist at Delft University of Technology, Speaker, Scientific Communicator, and Author of "Secrets of Superhero Science" and "Secret Science of Santa Claus".

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"Secret Science of Santa Claus" is out now!

How does Santa Claus travel around the world on Christmas Eve? Have you ever wondered how Santa Claus avoids rainfall and snowstorms? How far does Santa Claus travel on Christmas Eve?

Are you ready to unlock the Secret Science of Santa Claus?

Summer is over but Autumn will be Super

After a heatwave that never seemed like it would or want to end, autumn is on the way with falling leaves and torrential showers forecast. Well that's what I'm expecting in the Netherlands in any case. The impending arrival of autumn also signals a busy few months ahead with events in the Netherlands, China, the UK, […]

Avengers Infinity War is Coming

At this very moment in time, I am sitting in my hotel in Seattle about to set out and explore the city. I arrived here yesterday afternoon after a two-day roadtrip from San Francisco via the beautiful coast of the state of Oregon. In the middle of my roadtrip the latest trailer for Avengers: Infinity […]

A Superhero Year Ahead: Starting with Black Panther

It's been a while since I added to post to the site. Sorry for the delay, it's been a hectic start to 2018. This year will see a number of superhero films released starting with next week's Black Panther film. I've got my ticket, have you? Already this year I've spoken at the International Film […]

#Avengers4 is now #AvengersEndGame as the original Avengers reflect on the Thanos' Snap in the first trailer for the film.

Some #superpowers are caused by electromagnetic radiation. My latest #superhero paper looks at how #Supergirl and #CaptainAmerica can be used in the #physics classroom to address misconceptions on EM radiation.

#STEM #education #marvel #scicomm

Editor-in-chief Barry Fitzgerald @BWScienceNow has published a new paper in @IOPPublishing's journal Physics Education on the importance of the #electromagnetic spectrum for #superheroes such as #Supergirl and #CaptainAmerica.

Getting ready for tomorrow's #Avengers4 trailer but watching the trailers to all of the #MCU films to date. 50 mins or so of trailers. Just watching one trailer per film by the way.

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