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New Avengers: Endgame Podcast Episode Online

March 14th 2019 was a great day in the world of superheroes. First, BingeWatch Academy: Superhero Science Episode I took place at TU Delft with the theme for the first episode being impenetrable materials. Jalila Essa√Įdi of BioArt Laboratories, and Max Wouters, Leyi Hsu, and Jeannet Liang of TU Delft spoke about their exploration of […]

First Podcast Episodes are Online!

Later this week, I'll be hosting the first of four interactive talks at the Aula Auditorium on the TU Delft campus. The talk series is entitled "BingeWatch Academy: Superhero Science" and it combines two things that I've very passionate about - superheroes and science! In conjunction with the talk series I've also just started my […]

Get Ready for BingeWatch Academy: Superhero Science

Exciting superhero-themed news! I'm delighted to announce that in collaboration with Studium Generale (SG) Delft, I am arranging a brand new series of talks at TU Delft entitled¬†BingeWatch Academy: Superhero Science. BingeWatch Academy: Superhero Science consists of four events that will take place at the Aula Auditorium on the TU Delft campus. The talk series […]

Another speaker taking part in tomorrow night's episode of #BingeWatchAcademy #SuperheroScience @tudelft! Looking forward to hosting another great #superhero night!

#AvengersEndgame is out! And I've seen it! No spoilers from me. To mark the release, I was interviewed for an article in @NRC about my work on #superpowers, #superheroes, and #science. Here's the article (in Dutch).


Podcast preview of the next live event for #BingeWatchAcademy: #SuperheroScience - Super-speed: #TheFlash and #Supergirl https://t.co/xpqHiWZfAF

#AvengersEndgame is out in a few hours. Warming up by watching #AvengersInfinityWar and reading some superhero science papers. Be worried #Thanos, the Avengers are coming.

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