The new book "How To Build An Iron Man Suit" is now available to buy. This is your guide to building the most iconic piece of superhero technology ever!

“How to Build an Iron Man Suit” Visits Comicasa

It’s always good to visit home, to where it all started. In terms of my adventures in the Netherlands, home, and where it all started back in 2012, is Enschede. While I lived there the seeds for my superhero escapades were sown, and I couldn’t have imagined speaking about my new book “How to Build […]

Secret Science of Santa Claus: How do reindeers fly Santa’s sleigh around the world?

This is an article that I wrote for RTE’s Brainstorm website. The original article can be found here. For more information on the Secret Science of Santa Claus check out information on my book “Secret Science of Santa Claus“. In a matter of days, Santa Claus will set out on an incredible round-the-world trip to […]

The Arrival of “How to Build an Iron Man Suit”

In February 2019, I set out on a writing adventure. I had a plan and I hoped that I would be able to stick to it. In my apartment I scribbled some notes, random musings, and a rough timetable on my whiteboard. It was a serious undertaking – to write a book in approximately 6 […]

Last Thursday the @FameLab @TUEindhoven 2020 heat took place online. After the event we had an online post-event celebration. Lot's of happy FameLab people here! Stay safe and healthy everyone!

#FameLabTUe @nl_British

📣 The winners of @FameLab TU/e 2020 are Sophia Shanko @sophiashanko & Christian van der Krift. Congrats and best of luck in the national final! 👏

Thanks to jury @DanJingWu_, @stormkees, & @KarlijnMeinders, and host @BarryWScience for being part of a great #scicomm night!

I don't watch sports but I imagine that the feeling of excitement is similar - #FameLabTUe #famelab @TUeindhoven - is an absolutely wonderful live science communication contest. Want more of these live events!

And the winners of FameLab @TUeindhoven 2020 are Christian van der Krift and Sophia Shanko (@sophiashanko). Congratulations to them both! They'll represent TU/e in the national final later this year. Best of luck to them both!

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