Secrets of Superhero Science

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The science behind the superpowers of some of the world’s most famous hero’s

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What science did Tony Stark need to develop the incredible Iron Man suit?
What is the science behind Sue Storm’s power of invisibility?
The answers to these and many more superpower-related questions can be found right here in Secrets of Superhero Science. Dr Barry W. Fitzgerald takes you on a captivating journey through the science behind the superpowers of some of your favourite superheroes. You’ll learn about genetically engineering the X-Men, discover why Hawkeye’s eyesight is so advanced and learn about the science behind producing spider silk just like Spider-Man. Find out about the comic book origins of the superheroes, their amazing films and what future adventures may await them! The implications, advancements and integration of superpowers within modern society are explored as well as the counter-measures necessitated by the impending arrival of superheroes to our world today!
Are you ready to unlock the Secrets of Superhero Science?
Suitable for all ages.

5 reviews for Secrets of Superhero Science

  1. Ciaran McCormack (verified owner)

    This book is a trap! You pick it up and select a chapter based on your superhero preference then 6 hours and 10 chapters later you realise that you are still there, captivated by the ideas presented by Barry, and have forgotten to go to bed. The writing style and subject matter make this book approachable by all ages. Mr. Fitzgerald guides the reader though many scientific concepts in an easy to understand and informative way.

    This book now sits on my coffee table so that guests have something interesting and captivating to read but I may have to hide it on the bookshelf because if I hear “1 more minute” or “Wait a second” one more time as I try and separate them from the book I’m going to “HULK SMASH!”

  2. Gavin Karsters

    I usually don’t read alot of scientific books because they are usually very hard to understand for I am just a 15 years old kid who is in his fourth year of his pre-university education in highschool. My interests usually go to these well known super hero movies, which most of them I’ve seen with my friends in the cinema’s. What Barry Fitzgerald did was absolutely brilliant. He combined science with these well known super heroes, making it interesting for the people who have watched these superhero movies and who are still left with a lot of questions about what and how did these super heroes for example managed to jump of a 20 feet building. In a very detailled way of writing, supported by images to make you help visualize what is going on, Barry Fitzgerald succeeds in answering the questions about how the super powers of these super heroes actually work in a scientific way. I would recommend this book to anyone that enjoys watching these super hero movies, but also to anyone who just comes for the scientific part. In short, a very good written and interesting book that made me forget the time very easily while reading.

  3. AlexBarry

    This book is amazing because I am a 13 year old boy and know I am fascinated to become a scientist for superheroes and find how to create them

  4. Robin Jensen

    This is a book that no superhero fan should miss! I remember that when I was little, I used to believe that all of the superheroes in the comic books were real and that one day I can see one of them. As I grew older, of course, I released that this is impossible (well at least we get to see them in a cinematic universe as well!). However, after reading Barry’s amazing book, I was left with a new hope that one day I might at least live up to see one of them.

  5. AJ McCallion

    Barry combines his scientific expertise with a wonderful story telling style to engage his readers. While delving into past scientific and technological developments he invites his readers to use their own imagination to look into the future. A future where we can all aspire to having superhero powers? Maybe. A must read for kids (of all ages). AJ McCallion, writer.

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