Making it to Mexico


We’ve all googled ourselves. Don’t lie. Everyone has done it. Most of the time it’s just borne out of curiosity – a curiosity of how the digital world sees you. A curiosity about our digital fame.

Over the last few months I’ve not searched for myself. However I have searched for the book “Secrets of Superhero Science” to see how much the term and information on the book has spread around the world. Naturally most articles appear in English, given that the book is written in English. Every now and then I have come across announcements in Dutch promoting bookshop presentations in Amsterdam, Eindhoven and Den Haag.

In April 2016 an excellent article written by Dick Ahlstrom about the “Secrets of Superhero Science” appeared in the Irish Times. The article received considerable media attention in Ireland at the time. It was even mentioned on an early morning radio show in Ireland in one of those “what’s in the papers segments”.

Yesterday I came across an online article that was published the day after Irish Times article that referenced both myself and the book in relation to technologies in the Iron Man suit. The most interesting thing about the article is that it’s in Spanish and published on a website with a Mexican url. Yes the “Secrets of Superhero Science” has made it to Mexico. According to the article I’m an “el experto” on superhero technologies. Nothing could be further from the truth. Many thanks to Andrea Lopez for mentioning me in the article. You can check out the article (in Spanish) right here.


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