“How to Build an Iron Man Suit” Visits Comicasa

Speaking at Comicasa, Feb 21st 2020
Speaking at Comicasa, Enschede, the Netherlands, February 21st 2020

It’s always good to visit home, to where it all started. In terms of my adventures in the Netherlands, home, and where it all started back in 2012, is Enschede. While I lived there the seeds for my superhero escapades were sown, and I couldn’t have imagined speaking about my new book “How to Build an Iron Man Suit” for the first time in the Netherlands anywhere else. On Friday February 21st I did just that when I spoke at the fantastic Comicasa comic book store – a must visit for fans of superheroes and more.

Those in attendance were first treated to a “Iron Man 101” course delivered splendidly by Robert van der Weide-Zeelenberg. Robert outlined the history of the character Iron Man including his inauspicious start at Marvel Comics as well as the evolution of the character and some of the suits that have featured in comic book issues over the years.

Then it was my turn to speak about the science and technology behind the development of an Iron Man suit. The audience experienced the wonder of an exoskeleton suit, EEG brainwave-reading technologies, advanced wound healing treatments, and lots more. Specific scenes from the films were very much in the spotlight, which seemed to please the comic book and film-loving audience no end. The end of the talk was marked by an open discussion on the technological tribulations behind developing a real Iron Man-like suit, and whether such a technology would be of benefit to society.

Many thanks to Robert, Peter, and everyone at Comicasa for hosting the talk. My new book “How to Build an Iron Man Suit“, as well as my other books, are available to purchase at Comicasa. And be sure to visit the store to experience the comic book ambience. It’s such a cool place to sit down and read a comic book or ten.

Stay tuned for more Iron Man banter.

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Science Week Ireland 2019: Preview of Ballyhoura Science Day

Science Week Ireland 2019: Preview of Ballyhoura Science Day

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It’s Science Week Ireland 2019 and I’m back in Ireland to speak all over the country about science and superheroes.

One event that I’ll be speaking at is the Ballyhoura Science Day. This SFI-funded event will be taking place on Saturday November 16th from 11.00 to 16.00 at the Croom Sports Complex in Croom, Co. Limerick. Admission is free and all are welcome.

There’s going to be lots of science-based stands and exhibitions at the Science Day including Wild Encounters, the Community Food Initiative, and the Tralee Bay Wetlands Centre.

I had the chance to chat with Amber Mothersoul – the Project Leader for the Ballyhoura Science Day – about the Science Day, the activities that will be available on the day, and of course superheroes.

For more information on the Ballyhoura Science Day, please go to the website www.visitballyhoura.com. You can also get further information on Twitter @Ballyhoura.

You can follow Barry Fitzgerald on Twitter @BarryWScience, on Instagram @bwscience, and get further information on his talks and books at bwscience.com.