Secret Science of Santa Claus



How does Santa Claus travel around the world on Christmas Eve?

Have you ever wondered how Santa Claus avoids rainfall and snowstorms?

How far does Santa Claus travel on Christmas Eve?

The answers to these and many other questions can be found in my brand new book – Secret Science of Santa Claus. In the book you can read about the science behind the incredible technologies that Santa uses to help him deliver presents on Christmas Eve. Santa has developed these technologies with the elf-scientists at his Arctic workshops. You’ll learn the science behind Santa’s flying reindeer, his cutting-edge weather prediction methods and the gadgets that allow Santa fly large distances in the blink of an eye! You’ll also read about the possible future that awaits Santa Claus as his Christmas Eve gift-bringing continues onwards into the 21st century.

Are you ready to unlock the Secret Science of Santa Claus?

“Our traditional image of Santa Claus is of the kindly white-bearded elderly man with the red face who goes from house to house on Christmas Eve rewarding the children of the world by filling their stockings with presents. Frequently, we think of him as a bit of an old fogey, sitting back in a rocking chair, sipping the wine and eating the cake. He’s like a character from another century. As Barry Fitzgerald’s fascinating new book demonstrates Santa Claus is one of the most modern people on the planet- a truly 21st century person whose finger is on the pulse of the newest technologies and innovations. Whether it’s the development of cutting-edge reindeer flight systems, weather prediction methods or technologies that allow for instant travel over vast distances, Santa is the man of the moment and is constantly re-inventing himself and pushing the boundaries of science and technology, with the aid of his flying reindeer and the elf-scientists who make it all happen. If you want to know about the Secret Science of Santa Claus, this book is a must! Make sure you have it on your Christmas present list this year!”
-Dr Micheal O hAodha, Writer, University of Limerick, Ireland