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Date: 11/11/2017
Venue: Town Hall Theatre - 12:30
I'll be speaking as part of the program for the 23rd Junior Film Fleadh which is taking place in Galway from November 8th to November 11th. Before the screening of X-Men from 2000 I'll be giving a brief introduction to the film and what to expect. Afterwards I'll then give a short lecture on the science behind the X-Men and the possibility of creating their powers in the real world in the very near future. Full details for the event can be found at: This event is open to the public and information on tickets can be found at

Upcoming Events
11/11/2017 Secrets of Superhero Science: X-Men (2000) Town Hall Theatre - 12:30
13/11/2017 Secrets of Superhero Science at Science Week 2017 University of Limerick - 10.00 & 12.00