Post Podcast Episode I – Bulletproof Materials
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On March 14th 2019, BingeWatch Academy: Superhero Science kicked off at TU Delft with Episode I where the focus was on impenetrable or bulletproof materials. Superheroes such as Luke Cage, Colossus, Superman, and Wonder Woman all have access to impenetrable materials but could we make such materials in the real world?

In this podcast, you’ll hear more from those who spoke on this topic in Episode I. You’ll hear from Jalila Essaïdi of BioArt Laboratories Eindhoven and her incredible work with spider silk and bulletproof skin. You’ll also hear about the work of three TU Delft students – Leyi Hsu, Jeannet Liang, and Max Wouters – who worked on a responsible innovation project with regards to the use of spider-silk inspired materials in future healthcare.

BingeWatch Academy: Superhero Science is organised by Studium Generale Delft (Twitter: @sgdelft) and BW Science. It is hosted by superhero scientist and TU Delft researcher Barry Fitzgerald (Twitter: @BWScienceNow).