Secrets of Superhero Science

I'm Barry Fitzgerald - Research Scientist at Delft University of Technology, Speaker, Scientific Communicator and Author.

In February 2016, I self-published my popular science book the "Secrets of Superhero Science". In the book,  I talk about the real science and current scientific research that you need to know in order to create the superpowers of the superheroes. Iron Man suits, invisibility cloaks and web slingers may be part of your future. 

Click here to read about my journey to the "Secrets of Superhero Science".

"Secrets of Superhero Science" is out now!


"Secret Science of Santa Claus" is out now!

How does Santa Claus travel around the world on Christmas Eve?

Have you ever wondered how Santa Claus avoids rainfall and snowstorms?

How far does Santa Claus travel on Christmas Eve?

The answers to these and many other questions can be found in my brand new book – Secret Science of Santa Claus. In the book you can read about the science behind the incredible technologies that Santa uses to help him deliver presents on Christmas Eve. Santa has developed these technologies with the elf-scientists at his Arctic workshops. You’ll learn the science behind Santa’s flying reindeer, his cutting-edge weather prediction methods and the gadgets that allow Santa fly large distances in the blink of an eye! You’ll also read about the possible future that awaits Santa Claus as his Christmas Eve gift-bringing continues onwards into the 21st century.

Are you ready to unlock the Secret Science of Santa Claus?

Article on BBC Science Focus about Iron Man and Non-Spherical Particles

Most of the time my fundamental research at TU Delft and my superhero work walk side by side with no obvious overlap between the two topics. However, earlier this year, one of the PhD students in our group published a very nice paper about drag forces experienced by non-spherical particles in fluid flows. In the […]

Interview for Midland Science Festival and Science Week 2017

Last week I spoke with the organisers of the Midlands Science Festival, which is arranging events as part of Science Week Ireland 2017. I'll be speaking at the Edgeworthstown festival on Saturday November 18th and very much looking forward to visiting Longford to spread the Superhero Science vibes. Below is the interview. You can also […]

Galway International Arts Festival and The Power of Superheroes

My adventures in the superhero world has thus far afforded me the opportunity to speak at events and locations that I could never have anticipated. From speaking at Dutch Comic Con to hosting a conference on Superhero Science at TU Delft, it really has one great experience after another. Last weekend I added an arts […]

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    Comicasa Talks: Secrets of Superhero Science

    7:00 pmComicasa, Zuiderhagen 35, 7511GJ Enschede, Netherlands


    'Comicasa Talks' with Barry W. Fitzgerald
    - Secrets of Superhero Science -

    What science did Tony Stark need to develop the incredible Iron Man suit?

    What is the science behind Sue Storm's power of invisibility?

    And will we ever be able to self-heal as quickly as Wolverine?

    The answers to these and many more fascinating superpower-related questions will be explored in the Secrets of Superhero Science. You will be taken on a on a captivating journey through the science behind the superpowers of some of your favourite superheroes. You’ll learn about the possibility of genetically engineering the X-Men, discover why Hawkeye’s eyesight is so advanced and discover the science behind producing spider silk just like Spider-Man. The implications, advancements and integration of superpowers within modern society will also be discussed as well as the counter-measures necessitated by the impending arrival of superpowers.

    Are you ready for a super-future?

    Are you ready to unlock the Secrets of Superhero Science?

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